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Important Nez Tech Status Update: 06 August 2023

I'm currently in communication with VistaPrint support regarding website migration options and service transition clarification.

It's reasonable to expect Nez Tech's redesign process to commence within a month or so from this update's post.

Important Nez Tech Status Update: 30 April 2023

My Long Outdated Website Will Be Redesigned From Scratch At Some Point

I'm fully aware that Nez Tech is currently in a rather clunky and bugged state, with numerous things broken and unoptimised as a result of this website's automated transition from my prior Webs editor / account to my current VistaPrint editor / account.

All things considered, I've decided that I'll be far better off recreating Nez Tech from the ground up than trying to salvage the old light background design, which I want to change from anyway. The new website design will have notable layout changes and an easier-on-the-eyes dark theme.

There's no E.T.A. on when Nez Tech will be refreshed and polished again, but rest assured it's definitely on my mind and on my to-do list.

When it's done it's done, and it will be done, whenever I have the right spare time and mindset to tackle it.

My utmost apologies for the mess in the meantime!  😅

Important Note

All areas of Nez Tech will not receive any substantial changes until the time comes that I overhaul the entire website.

This includes areas such as the Picture Parlour and Madness Combat Resources,

which won't be getting any new updates or additions until Nez Tech is fully redone.

Picture Parlour Preview

Below, you can see a selection of images that I consider

my best work online, picked from each year of uploads.

See More Art And Photography

In The Picture ParlourButton Text

More than 100 images uploaded since 2016.

Check Out My Merchandise

In The Picture Parlour's Auction Aisle

90+ merch types (including bags, apparel, wall art, stationery, home decor, device cases and skins)

are available for 90+ images of my art and photos.

Follow My Work Across The Web

In addition to Nez Tech, I post my art and photography via my accounts on various social media and community websites.






Furthermore, I also share my art in topics and threads on a variety of different website forums.




Sonic and Sega Retro Forums

Support Me Financially

More Information

If you would like to support me financially, and are in a stable scenario to support me financially, there are currently 3 different ways to do so.

1: DeviantArt & Redbubble Merchandise

Auction Aisle

I sell merchandise online, courtesy of the DeviantArt and Redbubble websites.

My stores on DeviantArt and Redbubble include periodically updated selections of my art and photography.

These images can be printed onto a variety of different merchandise types, including:

Bags (Tote, drawstring...)

Apparel (T-shirts, hoodies...)

Wall Art (Posters, framed prints...)

Stationery (Books, greeting cards...)

Home Decor (Clocks, throw pillows...)

Cases And Skins (For laptops, iPhones...)

Plus much more!

The purchase of my merchandise is warmly welcomed, but never mandatory.

Please do not feel pressured whatsoever to buy anything from me if you don’t want to.

To all of you who buy my merchandise, thank you so much! It means a lot to me.

Your custom is greatly appreciated, and I hope that you like the item(s) you have purchased!

DeviantArt Prints

Redbubble Shop

Newest Merch Types

Fitted Masks

Fitted Masks

Earnings Disclosure

Please note that all money spent on my merchandise items is split between me and the stores' companies. Find out how my sales earnings are split.

2: PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation Page

I accept donations online, courtesy of the PayPal website.

Rather than buying my merchandise, you can donate money to me via PayPal instead. You can donate by using a bank card or a PayPal account.

You decide the amount to donate. You can also choose to either place a single donation, or make repeat donations on a monthly basis.

I deeply appreciate any and all donations, whatever the amount, both standalone and recurring.

To all of you who choose to donate, you have my utmost thanks of your generosity, and your choice to support me financially is immensely appreciated!

3: Patreon Subscription

Patreon Overview Page

I offer an online paid subscription, courtesy of the Patreon website.

You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 per month! As thanks in return, I will add you to the Patron Praise page, and also link back to your Patreon page from there.

Additionally, in my various online accounts – including Facebook, Newgrounds, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter and YouTube – I will link to the Patron Praise page in areas such as profiles, image descriptions and video descriptions.

All contributions – whether big, small or otherwise – are most appreciated.

Thanks a million to everyone who chooses to become a patron. Your kind generosity means a lot to me!

Important: Please Double Check Before Finalising Your Transactions!

If you buy my merchandise, or donate to me, then please double check the total amount of money that you are spending before confirming a purchase or donation.

Please ensure that you do not accidentally mix up donation money numbers and their positioning.

Always check the amount of zeros and the placement of the separating dot. For example, if you intend to donate £5.00, don't type it as £50.00 by mistake!

Double Check Spending Costs

Double Check Donation Amounts

Only Financially Support Me If It's Reasonable For You

Please ensure that you do not over spend; I hate to think of people draining their financial stability for my sake. Only financially support me if it's feasible and your desire to.

If you do not support me financially, that is entirely understandable. The fact that you are on my website to begin with, is in itself something I'm very thankful of!

Featured Project

Sonic 5 Fan Game

A fan game which aims to be an unofficial sequel to SEGA's official Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles game.

Primary Formats: P.C. Video Game

Development Start Year: 2011

Years In Development: 10

Type: End Goal / Completed Objective

Status: Alpha Development Stage

Go To This Project's Section

See A List Of All Projects

Special Thanks

Nez Tech would not be possible if it were not for the generous hosting, domain and editing services and capabilities of Webs, a Vistaprint company.

I send them so many thanks for giving me the opportunity to create and manage my own website, without possessing programming skills.

Thank you so much for continuously supporting and maintaining your website platform. It is always greatly appreciated!

Website Compatibility

Nez Tech should display and function without problems across a variety of different operating systems and internet browsers.

However, this website is designed for best compatibility using the Mozilla Firefox internet browser on Microsoft Windows operating systems. As such, there may be some minor instances, for example, of text spacing and alignment being slightly less refined while using Nez Tech via means which are different to the specifics stated prior.

Furthermore, this website is primarily designed for use on computers. Accessing Nez Tech through mobile devices (And small screens in general.) may be suboptimal.

If Nez Tech is used through a small screen, I recommend viewing the website in landscape orientation if possible, as this might improve readability by increasing the size of text.


Where the information is.


Where the heart is.


Where some of my work is.

Explore All Of Nez Tech

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