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What Nez Tech Is

Nez Tech is a community hub, source of download collections, and personal website, all rolled into one.

The name Nez Tech is a portmanteau of 2 different things:

The Nez part comes from my nickname Nez Man. The Tech part comes from the word technology.

I combined my nickname and one of my favourite interests together to create my website's name.


The Community section is comprised of 3 sub-sections.

Chat Chambers

Go To Chat Chambers

The Chat Chambers are a place for guests and members to text chat live with one another about various topics. Currently, there are 5 different themed chambers:

Chamber 1: The Spectrum - General discussion, with no specific focal topics.

Chamber 2: Madness Combat - Discussion about the Madness Combat series by Matt "Krinkels" Jolly.

Chamber 3: Grand Theft Auto - Discussion about the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games.

Chamber 4: General Gaming - Discussion about video games and gaming in general.

Chamber 5: Art - Discussion about creative media, from audio, visuals, and all other things artsy.

Chat services are provided courtesy of Chatango, with many thanks from Nez Tech.

Member Mansion

Go To Member Mansion

The Member Mansion is a central source to access all things member related.

From this area, members are able to:

View their profile.

Edit their profile.

Edit their account settings.

View their inbox, sent and deleted messages, as well as compose messages.

Check for incoming friend requests.

Search for other members in the database.

Change their account password.

Additionally, this section provides instructions on how a guest can create a member account, as well as a link for account recovery in the event of a lost or forgotten password.

Nez News

Go To Nez News

Nez News is a place where you can find details about Nez Tech changes and updates, planned future features, and so on.

It may also be used to share information about my more personal endeavours, such as the various projects of mine on Nez Tech.


The Downloadables section is comprised of 3 sub-sections.

Avast Soundpacks

Go To Avast Soundpacks

This is a periodically updated collection of soundpacks for the very popular anti-malware software Avast, by author AVAST Software.

I have created .avastsounds files here which contain an array of various existing sounds from a variety of sources, put together and assigned to play when different Avast alerts and notifications occur.

I have made these soundpacks to give those of you who use Avast products a chance to spice up the software, utilising some different audio that you might like!

Madness Combat Resources

Go To Madness Combat Resources

This is a periodically updated collection of graphics (Commonly referred to in the community as "sprites".) and audio, from the very popular Madness Combat series, by author Matt "Krinkels" Jolly.

The .fla files here contain all kinds of characters, weapons, backgrounds, objects and so much more, that many Madness Combat fans have retrieved from the original .swf animation files.

By making these files available to the public, this allows many people with Adobe Flash and/or Adobe Animate to try their hand at creating their own Madness Combat animations, without the need to create graphics themselves.

Of course, it's also great to design your own graphics. However, Madness Combat Resources is particularly useful for those without an artistic touch but with strong animating skills, as well as those who simply prefer using official graphics.

Simple Trainer Creations

Go To Simple Trainer Creations

This is a periodically updated collection of constructions built using the Simple Trainer modification by author sjaak327, in conjunction with objects in the very popular game Grand Theft Auto IV by author Rockstar Games.

Construction data is stored in files with a Configuration Settings (.ini) format. My files here load all kinds of additional objects including blue containers, big half pipes, gigantic oil tanks and various different ramps, in a variety of areas around Liberty City's map.

The goal of Simple Trainer Creations is for me to provide constructions that add fun and new experiences for players to roam around and explore, ranging from blazing speed sky-high ramps to slower paced parkour-esque platforming!

Personal Endeavours

My Art And Photography + My Merchandise

Go To Picture Parlour

Go To Auction Aisle

One of my main endeavours online is sharing my art pieces and photographs. I also put my images onto merchandise in my stores on the DeviantArt and Redbubble websites.

The Picture Parlour section exhibits my art and photography in slide shows and image galleries, and its Auction Aisle sub-section provides merchandise links and information.

My Projects

Go To Projects

Some of the stuff that I do online (Such as the Downloadables sections on this website.) are considered by me to be projects.

These are also listed on Nez Tech within a Projects page, along with their links, statistics, and other information.

Website Compatibility

Nez Tech should display and function without problems across a variety of different operating systems and internet browsers.

However, this website is designed for best compatibility using the Mozilla Firefox internet browser on Microsoft Windows operating systems. As such, there may be some minor instances, for example, of text spacing and alignment being slightly less refined while using Nez Tech via means which are different to the specifics stated prior.

Furthermore, this website is primarily designed for use on computers. Accessing Nez Tech through mobile devices (And small screens in general.) may be suboptimal.

If Nez Tech is used through a small screen, I recommend viewing the website in landscape orientation if possible, as this might improve readability by increasing the size of text.

History Of Nez Tech

A timeline which gives an overview of changes and additions to Nez Tech over the years, including key milestone events.


  • The website's general visual theme, overall structure, and its name Nez Tech, are all set in stone.

  • Nez Tech is published publicly online, and cemented as my long term website.

  • Chat rooms and a member system are set up, and are grouped under an overarching Community section.



  • The Avast Soundpacks downloads collection section is launched, which provides alternate soundpacks that I have put together for use with Avast P.C. security software.

  • Madness Combat Resources and Avast Soundpacks are grouped together as sub-sections under the new overarching Downloadables section.


  • The Simple Trainer Creations downloads collection section is launched, which in conjunction with a modification, provides added objects to interact with in the P.C. versions of Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City video games.

  • Simple Trainer Creations is added as a sub-section under the overarching Downloadables section.


  • Nez Tech has its default domain changed from, and its custom domain is registered.


  • Sonic The Hedgehog 5, a fan game project of mine, is added as a section.

  • All of my projects online are brought together and listed on a new Projects section.

  • Nez Tech begins undergoing an overhaul in some design aspects, and some functionality alterations are also implemented.

  • Different styles of horizontal dividers are implemented on pages to help better separate sections and sub-sections from one another.

  • Previously, only variations in blank spaces were used. This made it not as clear and immediately apparent where sections and sub-sections start and end.
  • In order to bring all 3 Community sections together with a consistent theme of 2 word alliteration, Chat Rooms is renamed to Chat Chambers, and Blog is renamed to Nez News. The Website Map section is also renamed to Tech Traverser, which in turn takes Nez Tech's words and splits them across 2 different sections. This was done to satisfy my obsession with balance, and also to have "a nice touch" of sorts.

  • The Member Mansion name remains unchanged, as it already meets the 2 word alliteration criteria.


  • This About page is created to house information about Nez Tech, give information about myself, and well as provide links to my content across the internet.

  • The sidebars are removed from pages in order to expand space for text, tables and images. This allows for less squashed layouts and gives more space for headers/footers.

  • Banners and buttons are re-designed to have more collectively uniform aesthetics, as well as adjusted to fit properly into pages without sidebars.

  • Sharing functions are added to the bottom of many pages.

  • Linked location paths are added to the top of many pages.

  • This is inspired by how the Windows Explorer address bar looks and functions in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

  • Disqus and Facebook commenting functions are added to Nez News articles, Sonic The Hedgehog 5 Blog articles, and the 3 Downloadables sections.

  • The website map section, Tech Traverser, is updated in line with the new page names and other page changes.

  • Nez Tech concludes its re-design process, with the last remaining alterations and little touches completed.


  • The Picture Parlour pages are created, which contain slide shows and image galleries that exhibit my art pieces and photographs.

  • The Picture Parlour expands with the Auction Aisle page, which showcases all of my images that are available to buy on merchandise, along with links to purchase them.

  • Added a My Latest Image Upload section to the Home page, which showcases my most recent art/photograph, as well as links to the Picture Parlour and its Auction Aisle.

  • This section also contains links to various forums, social media and community websites, where I also share my art and photography.

  • The Support Me Financially page is created.

  • This page provides links to my donation avenues and merchandise stores, as well as information about how people's financial generosity helps me out.

  • The PayPal Donation page is created as a standalone branch-off from the Support Me Financially page.

  • Added a Support Me Financially section to the Home page, which links to my donation avenues and merchandise stores, as well as the dedicated Support Me Financially page.

  • Added a Special Thanks section to the Home page and About page.

  • Added a Website Compatibility section to the Home page and About page.

  • Re-designed Nez Tech's header to match the branding of my online presence across other websites.

  • Added buttons, which link to my donation avenues and merchandise stores, to the header and footer of Nez Tech.

  • Added a Follow Me Across The Web section to the bottom of many pages, which contains links to my accounts on various social media and community websites.

  • As part of a change by Webs (This website's host service.), Nez Tech is upgraded from a http connection to a https connection, bringing improved website security.

  • Many thanks for the improved security of Nez Tech goes to Cloudflare, the provider of this service.


  • Re-designed the Central Hub page of the Picture Parlour. Consolidated the slide show titles and their image gallery buttons together as one, in the form of text links instead.

  • Deleted 2 chunky individual sections: Feedback & Discussion and Support My Creative Endeavours. Moved their 2 buttons onto a single row of buttons below the Latest Upload section.

  • Split the Browse By Merchandise Image and Browse By Merchandise Type sections of the Auction Aisle into dedicated pages, and added navigation buttons for these pages, resulting in more convenient browsing selection.

  • Updated the Tech Traverser page to reflect this change.

  • Added more divider lines to the About page for slightly better segmentation.

  • Added My Art And Photography + My Merchandise sub-section to the Personal Endeavours section of the About page.

  • Changed the MetaTag titles (Web page text displayed in web browser tabs, for example.) of many pages. These titles now more accurately reflect pages' linked location paths.


Note: 14 June 2020 - Details and information pending addition.

Who Naean Is

Hi, it's Naean Howlett-Foster here! I'm the owner and editor of Nez Tech. I hope that you are doing well; thank you for checking me and my website out!

My forename, Naean, is pronounced as "nayun". Think of the name Nathan, except replace the "th" sound with a "y" sound, but without too much emphasis on the "y" sound.

Throughout my life, many people have asked if Naean is an Irish or Gaelic name. Naean is not a non-English or pre-existing word, it was a name put together by my parents.

My parents wanted to choose an original forename for me, but weren't sure where to start. They decided to take letters from the names of artists who passed away close to my birth month and day, placed them into a hat and jumbled them up.

Letters were picked out randomly, and the first sequence of letters which produced something pronounceable was Naean.

Additionally, my forename is a palindrome, so it is pronounced and spelled (Sans the upper case letter n.) the same forwards and backwards.

I'm also known by my nickname Nez Man. This nickname was given to me by someone many years ago while I was at secondary school, and it stuck with me ever since.

I'm an Autistic, self-employed artist and photographer. Fine detail pen and pencil drawings are my favourite art creations, however I like to experiment with other mediums too.

To put a long story short, I am pursuing the endeavour of working at home, due to past experiences in traditional jobs consistently not turning out well.

I possess a qualification in Art And Design/Graphic Design, and have a massive passion for drawing. I create paper based and digital pieces, although paper based pieces are more commonly my shtick.

 My favourite kind of art creation is using biro pen to draw intricate details, but I also like to experiment sometimes with various colour mediums.

Furthermore, I periodically update my DeviantArt and Redbubble stores with new merchandise of my art and photography.

Naean's Links Around The Internet


My accounts across various different community and social media websites.

DeviantArt Profile

Facebook Timeline

Newgrounds Profile

Redbubble Shop

Steam Profile

Tumblr Blog

Twitch Channel

Twitter Feed

YouTube Channel

Naean's Contact Information


The best way to contact me is via my website E.mail address [email protected], or via my personal E.mail address [email protected].

Other Methods

You can also contact me via my accounts on community and social media websites. Please see the Accounts section above for links to these.


Website Infrastructure

Nez Tech would not be possible if it were not for the generous hosting, domain and editing services and capabilities of Webs, a Vistaprint company.

I send them so many thanks for giving me the opportunity to create and manage my own website, without possessing programming skills.

Thank you so much for continuously supporting and maintaining your website platform. It is always greatly appreciated!


Where the information is.


Where the heart is.


Where some of my work is.

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