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Version History

Version #: 1.1

Version Duration: 14 April 2013 to Present Date

Added new Acknowledgements section. Added new sub-section: avast! Author. This sub-section gives thanks and credits to those responsible for providing the avast! products and their interchangeable soundpacks system.

Re-arranged contents of the About section so that it looks aesthetically nicer.

Changed Last Soundpack File Added Date sub-section name to Date Of Last Soundpack File Addition. This makes for better reading and utilises English words more professionally.

Added new Date Of Launch sub-section to the About section. (Previously, this information was not available.)

Added more avast! Soundpacks information to the About section.

Added new Tutorial section.

Version #: 1.0

Version Duration: 20 December 2011 to 13 April 2013

First ever version of avast! Soundpacks is launched on Nez Tech.

First layout and design created for avast! Soundpacks.