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Version History

Version #: 3.1

Version Duration: 11 December 2011 to Present Date

Changed the Matt "Krinkels" Jolly text colour to match the Adobe Flash Document (.fla) Files and MP3 Format Sound (.mp3) Files text of the same size. This is to increase consistency.

Cleaned up the Like, Tweet, Share & Save section by removing the individual Facebook and Twitter service widgets. (Facebook and Twitter can be accessed via the SHARE button anyway.)

Renamed the Like, Tweet, Share & Save section to simply Share & Save for a quicker and more direct title. Also added a brief line of text to introduce the Share & Save section.

Added a fourth note to the Notes section, regarding the Macromedia/Adobe Flash "Unexpected file format" error message.

Added one new image to the random banner.

Minor edits made to random banner image 2. (Slightly more blood added.)

Added new M.C.R. Assets section.

All of the images used in the random banner can now be downloaded from a Random Banner Images .zip file, located in the M.C.R. Assets section. This file will be updated whenever new images are added to the random banner.

Changed Last File Added Date sub-section name to Last Resources File Added Date. The name Last File Added Date may have got some people confused into thinking that the M.C.R. Assets section files are also counted in that sub-section. (These files are not counted.)

Added a 5 star rating system to the Comments section.

Renamed the Comments section to Comments & Ratings to reflect the addition of the 5 star rating system.

Added a fifth note to the Notes section, regarding Adobe Flash program version/file format conversion requests.

Renamed the Madness Combat Author section to Acknowledgements. Changed the contents of this section to contain three sub-sections: Madness Combat Author, Madness Combat Sprite Files Authors and Madness Combat Audio Files Authors. These sub-sections give thanks and credits to those responsible for providing the media that exists on Madness Combat Resources.

Re-arranged contents of the About section so that it looks aesthetically nicer.

Changed Last Resources File Added Date sub-section name to Date Of Last Sprites/Audio File Addition. This makes for better reading and utilises English words more professionally.

Added new Date Of Launch sub-section to the About section.

(Previously, this information was only available via the old Madness Combat Resources post on Newgrounds.)

Added more Madness Combat Resources information to the About section.

Added new Tutorial section.

Version #: 3.0

Version Duration: 13 November 2011 to 10 December 2011

All different sections now have their own content box. (Compared to all sections being in one content box previously.)

This makes the editing side of Madness Combat Resources both far easier and far quicker.

Removed section icons, making for a slightly more professional look.

Removed certain sections which I felt were not needed, or could be consolidated into fewer sections: Report bad links, Newest resources added, Questions and answers, News, among others.

Changed contents of the Notes section.

Changed all section titles to a more professional format - capital letters for the first letter of each word, and no full stops.

Added new About section. Consolidated the Status and Last File Added Date sections as sub-sections of About.

Added new Like, Tweet, Share & Save section.

Added new Statistics section, with new Total number of files sub-section. Removed bracketed file count numbers from Sprites and Audio section titles, and consolidated the file count numbers as sub-sections of Statistics.

Heavily revamped the Sprites and Audio sections. Now it has a File Name, Date Added and Download Link column setup, which looks a lot more organised and professional. (Plus, it now tells you when each individual resource file was added.) Text colour alternates from row to row in order to minimise visual confusion. Removed file extension text because it is simply not needed - Sprites files will always have .fla extensions, and Audio files will always have .mp3 extensions.

Minor changes to the Madness Combat Author section, mainly to highlight the Matt "Krinkels" Jolly text a bit more prominently.

Slightly toned down the overall amount of different text colours used in Madness Combat Resources.

All files linked to are now files hosted on my MediaFire account. This is to help ensure that the download links stay active and do not go dead. Hosting the resources under my own file hosting account makes things a lot easier to manage in general.

Removed random Madness Combat Resources image from the bottom of the page. It's already at the top, so I don't think it really needs to be repeated at the bottom as well.

Other less notable and/or minor changes.

Version #: 2.0 to 2.9

Version Duration: 30 April 2010 to 12 November 2011

Madness Combat Resources gets moved over from Newgrounds to Nez Tech. (On my 18th birthday!)

First website layout and design created for Madness Combat Resources on Nez Tech.

Version #: 1.0 to 1.9

Version Duration: 23 September 2007 to 29 April 2010

First ever version of Madness Combat Resources is launched on Newgrounds.