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Home Community Nez News - Front Page Article 4: Nez Tech Version 2 (24 May 2017)


Nez Tech Version 2

Article Date: 24 May 2017

Article Number: 4

The website's design, layout and functionality overhaul has finally been completed. Welcome to version 2 of Nez Tech!

I would like to send a massive thank you to everyone who has been patient while the re-design was in progress. I apologise for extending the deadline of the re-design several times, but on more than one occasion it took longer than anticipated to get chunks of work done. Additionally, I have been busy with other things in my life, which also contributed to delays in getting the re-design finished.

Below is a run down of the main changes which have been made in this re-design.

Navigation Sidebar Removed And Top Navigation Strip Updated

One of the major differences that you may notice about Nez Tech's re-design is the removal of the navigation sidebar on the right side of pages. This was primarily done in order to expand the space available to place text, tables, graphics, headers and footers, and allows pages to have layouts and sections which are less horizontally cramped. All of the navigation options which were available via the sidebars are now located in links and pop-up menus on the navigation strip at the top of pages.

The navigation strip also now contains pop-up menus containing links to my various online stores and accounts.

Header, Footer And Button Aesthetics Unified

The navigation headers, footers and buttons have been re-designed to have more collectively uniform aesthetics, as well as adjusted to fit properly into pages without sidebars.

Sharing Functions Built Into Pages

Various sharing functions have been added to the bottom of many pages. This includes the option for people to directly share pages via Twitter, Facebook, and many other websites, and also gives people the ability to directly share pages via E.mail.

Page Location Paths Added

Many pages now have location paths at the top of them, which indicates the sub-pages/sub-sections which the current page is part of. This makes it easier to backtrack from the current page to a previously visited page.

Page location paths are inspired by how the Windows Explorer address bar looks and functions in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

Commenting Functionality Expanded

Disqus and Facebook commenting functions have been added to Nez News articles, Sonic The Hedgehog 5 Blog articles, and the 3 Downloadables sections.

Clearer Page Section Separation Made

Different styles of horizontal dividers have been implemented on pages to help better separate sections and sub-sections from one another.

Previously, only variations in blank spaces were used. This made it not as clear and immediately apparent where sections and sub-sections start and end.

New About Page Added

An About page has been created to house various information about Nez Tech, including a timeline of significant changes to the website over the years.

Additionally, the About page gives information about myself and provides links to my content across the internet, and also lists my contact details.

Revised Home Page Design

The home page has been completely altered and de-cluttered in favour of a much neater and more consistent layout.

Near the top of the page is a new spider diagram styled navigator, which starts out from the centre of the home page icon and branches out into various pages and sections. This helps to make the home page a good place to give key areas and elements of Nez Tech exposition.

Below that, there are a couple of sections for featuring my projects and showcasing my art/photography. At the bottom of the page is a section giving special thanks to my website's host. There is also a compatibility information section regarding Nez Tech being viewed on different kinds of displays and devices.

Beyond the main changes listed above, there have also been various tweaks made across the website, including minor alterations to the way things are worded in some places.

Cheers once again for bearing with me while Nez Tech was under construction, and I hope that you like the re-design. Feedback on the new design is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Naean Howlett-Foster. (Website Owner & Editor)

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