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Version History

Version #: 1.2

Version Duration: 15 May 2013 to Present Date

Added new Acknowledgements section. Added new sub-sections: Grand Theft Auto Author and Simple Trainer Author. These sub-sections give thanks and credits to those responsible for providing the materials necessary in order for Simple Trainer Creations to exist.

Re-arranged contents of the About section so that it looks aesthetically nicer.

Changed Last Construction File Added Date sub-section name to Date Of Last Construction File Addition. This makes for better reading and utilises English words more professionally.

Added new Date Of Launch sub-section to the About section. (Previously, this information was not available.)

Added more Simple Trainer Creations information to the About section.

Added new Projects section. This lists information about completed, in-progress and pending projects.

Added new Latest Complete Project section. As the name implies, this section shows off the latest project that has been finished, along with its own cover art styled image and a download link.

Renamed the Projects section to All Projects. This is to differentiate it more clearly from the Latest Complete Project section.

Added new Tutorial section.

Altered the Screenshots section. Each construction now has one download link, which allows you to see all of its screenshots in one place in a gallery. (As opposed to having five different individual screenshot links previously.)

Version #: 1.0 to 1.1

Version Duration: 03 July 2012 to 14 May2013

First ever version of Simple Trainer Creations is launched on Nez Tech.

First layout and design created for Simple Trainer Creations.