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7 Main Focus Points

Article Date: 20 July 2016

Article Number: 3

As part of Sonic 5 having a consciously thoughtful approach, there are 7 points in particular which I feel must be thoroughly focused on throughout its development.

The following is a bio-esque breakdown of each point in relation to Sonic 5.

1: Physics Engine & Collision Detection

The smooth flowing, momentum based physics, and how the characters collide with surfaces, are one of the most crucial aspects of the classic Sonic games. It’s all well and good having loops, ramps, curvatures and half-pipe structures, but without the physics and collision to work with them satisfyingly, it can all fall apart. It is thus essential that Sonic 5 adopts Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ physics engine and collision detection.

2: Accessibility & Ease Of Use

Accessibility isn’t just about giving various gameplay choices in terms of characters and save files, it’s also about being easy to use for a wide audience. To appeal to more people, Sonic 5 will feature large font, high contrast modes for the H.U.D., menus, and other text; colour labels for Emeralds; and audio level boosting.

3: Level Design

Multiple paths and hidden goodies, combined with a rich roster of gimmicks and badniks unique to each Zone, all brought together with a smooth flow of speed and platforming. This kind of level design in Sonic 3 & Knuckles will be returning in Sonic 5, with more elemental shields and a new Bonus Board to boot.

4: Customisation

Sonic 2 introduced the ability to choose playable character combinations, as well as items that appear in 2 Player VS mode. Sonic 3 & Knuckles expanded upon this in Competition mode, by adding Grand Prix, Match Race and Time Attack options. In Sonic 5, everything from installation to controls will be highly customisable.

5: Community

Community recognition is very important, and particularly so for what this game aims to achieve. As such, things like constructive feedback on the project, and the ability for people to play together, mean a lot to me. Sonic 5 will sport online and offline multiplayer, along with a variety of match types and objectives.

6: Visuals

The aesthetic approach of Sonic 5 will primarily take after Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with semi-realistic visuals boldly contrasting against the Sonic characters’ cartoony designs. There will also be more fantastical graphical cues inspired from Sonic CD, in addition to dynamic décor and intricately detailed environments.

7: Audio

The Act-specific level and boss tracks of Sonic 3 & Knuckles make the game musically stand out among other classic Sonic entries. It also executed impressive usage of 16-bit capabilities. Sonic 5 will follow in Sonic 3 & Knuckles’ footsteps, with a 16-bit soundtrack and further expansion on context-specific audio playback.

All of the above points should intertwine and be brought together as seamlessly as possible.

No elements should clash with or break the flow of others, they should work comfortably in tandem.

I firmly believe that determined and passionate understanding, development, involvement and implementation of the above points will be critical in order for Sonic 5 to be as widely successful as feasibly possible.

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